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Why Dont Hotels Have No Vacancy Signs Anymore

Fri, Aug 17, 2018

As someone that worked in the hotel industry for several years, the answer is quite simple. It’s so we can get rid of people. Even if you run a nice hotel, you get guests that you know will cause some kind of trouble. Maybe it’s obvious they are going to try and have a party. Maybe they are obviously drug dealers. Maybe you just don’t like the looks of them and your gut is telling you to get rid of them. For whatever reason, you can just tell them to fuck off. Well, not literally, you tell them you’re full and there’s no vacancy. If there’s no sign saying whether or not you’re vacant, there’s no way for them to call your bluff. If some guy with a face tattoo stinking of beer and weed comes in, you can just tell him you’re full and he’ll just have to take your word for it.

Of course third party reservation services have kind of ruined this. You’d be surprised how many scummy people like to use sites like Expedia,, etc. because they know the hotel will be penalized for canceling the guest’s reservation. I can and probably will write a whole blog post about how third party hotel sites screw over hotels. I could write a lot of blog posts about the hotel business. Maybe I will, but I’ll sprinkle them in among the other posts. I don’t want this blog to become too one note.

That’s pretty much it. Some larger hotels may not have a sign to try and lure people in to their restaurants or whatever even when they’re full, but those kinds of hotels usually never had them to begin with.

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