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W3C Ruins The Internet

Tue, Sep 26, 2017

EFF’s open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership

The World Wide Web Consortium (a.k.a. W3C) Has officially ruined the internet. the consortium has voted (in secret) to enact a form of DRM called “Encrypted Media Extensions” or EME for short. What EME is meant for is streaming video. Instead of using a netflix app, you can run it in your browser, with no way for you to ‘steal’ the video. The main problem with DRM is that it is illegal to attempt to tamper with it. Say for some reason EME is causing your browser to crash. If you try to patch the code yourself, you are breaking the law, even if you don’t do anything that effectively disables the DRM.

An even bigger problem is the precedent this sets. Accuse me of fear mongering if you want, but this is paving the way for all web content to be locked down. It’s an foot in the door for the media companies that are butt hurt over losing television. Television was the largest form of media for awhile, and the media companies loved it because they controlled it almost completely. The main exception was public aces television, but that was a drop in the ocean of shit they put out. The internet changed all that. I would say it democratized media, but that’s not really the correct term. It equalized aces. Any body can make content, and anybody can view content. If you want to learn about nature, you no longer have to wait for some documentary to come on, or go to the library and read Britannica’s take on it. Now you can just do a simple web search, and find everything from grade school projects to doctoral theses on the subject.Right now the DRM provided by EME is only for video, but if the members of W3C continue to get the way, there will be DRM for all forms of web content, which will only come from specific providers.

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