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Make Voting Great Again

Tue, Jan 9, 2018

Trump has dissolved the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity ( due to many states being unwilling to cooperate. After turning the problem over to homeland security, he said he wanted federal voter ID. This isn’t a terrible idea, but I’m willing to go one step further and say we need full federalized voting. After the last election, and all the fuckery that brought, I’ve been mulling over some ideas in my mind to make a better voting system. It involves no voting machines nor vote by smartphone bullshit. Here’s how it works:

  1. All voters much register to vote before the election. No exceptions. All voters must supply their valid ID to vote. Making this a federal ID will help stop shenanigans in places like California which will happily give a valid driver’s license to an illegal alien. When the voter supplies their ID, the poll worker will verify the person handing them the ID is the person before them, and that the person’s right index finger is free of ink. They will find the voter’s info on a printed record for the precinct, and have the voter sign, verifying that they are voting, and have not already voted in this election at this precinct nor anywhere else. The poll worker will also sign as a witness. This is a legal document, and any forgery or falsehood is punishable by law. The voter may now receive a ballot.

  2. All voting will be done on paper ballots. Each ballot is in an envelope. In addition to the ballot, the envelope also contains a copy of voting instructions, and another envelope. Both envelopes are security envelopes with obfuscating marks inside. The ballot itself consists of a a ballot and a carbon copy. Each ballot has a unique serial number. This serial number is on both the original and copy ballot. The voter is to verify that both have the same serial number, mark their vote in pen, and place the ORIGINAL, into the second envelope and seal it.

  3. A poll worker will witness the voter place their ballot into a ballot box, and cover the voter’s right index finger in indelible ink. The color of the ink will be a specific color only the government may possess, and may have fluorescent dye added as well. I haven’t worked out the specifics of the ink yet.

  4. All votes will be counted by hand in a public place such as an auditorium. The counting area will be fenced off or behind glass, but it must be entirely visible to the public. The public is allowed to view the counting at any time. Police will provide security to make sure no one can sabotage the voting with weapons, etc. People will be allowed to bring in recording devices. The entire process will also be live streamed over the internet for anyone to view at any time. Vote counters will record the serial number and how they voted. The sheets they perform the tallies on will also record a vote counter ID number, so there will be a record of just who counted which votes. Again, these are official government documents, and any falsification is a serious crime.

  5. Once all votes are counted. The results of each individual ballot in every precinct will be published in a public area where people can use their ballot copy to verify their vote was counted correctly (much how many colleges publish or used to publish final grades,) as well as online, where anyone can tally the votes and verify the count themselves. The ballot originals will be stored for 8 years. If someone finds that their vote was counted improperly, they can take their copy of their ballot in as proof, and have the record corrected. While an election official may then know how the voter voted, the official documents will not contain any identifying information, but they will contain a sworn affidavit by the election worker stating that they re-checked the voter’s registration and ID, as well as compared the ballot copy and original. Photocopies of the original ballot and ballot copy will be included as well, and the official voting record will be corrected.

I don’t claim that this method will be foolproof, but just how safes are rated in the time it takes an experienced safe-cracker to crack it, this will make vote fraud much harder to perform, much less get away with. The two biggest deterrents are the registration and finger inking. Voter registration will keep democrats from bussing people in from other places to swing votes. Finger inking prevents anyone from voting more than once even if they have multiple IDs for multiple names they’ve registered under.

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