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BBC America Kinda Sucks

Fri, Aug 24, 2018

For the most part, BBC America is crap. They currently do have a little good programming. They’re doing 48 hours of X-Files, which is one of my favorite shows, so they have that going for them. I’m Watching it right now. They also used to show lots of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager. TNG is quite possibly my favorite TV show, and VOY is pretty good too. What really sucks is all they seem to show these days are damn nature documentaries. They are boring as hell, and they’re narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (A.K.A Bentdick Cummysnatch.) I’m not a huge fan of the guy. He was pretty decent in that Sherlock Holmes remake, but he got old pretty fast. It seemed like he was in fucking everything for awhile. I’m glad that’s no longer the case.

BBC America: If you you’re listening, keep up with the X-Files and bring back the Trek. Then we can be friends again.

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