Space Budokan

Space Budokan is a budokan in space.

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About me:

I’m just a cold blooded killer that likes to spoon. I like animation and cartoons, particularly traditional animation. I’m not so much a fan of CG. I am admittedly a huge weeb. I’m also a general computer nerd and free(as in freedom) software advocate. I have a B.S. in chemistry, and am still looking for work in that field.

About this site:

This simple site was built using hugo. The theme is a custom theme I created named Dandy. I wanted the site to be as light and old fashioned as possible. On this site you’ll find zero client side scripting (i.e. javascript.) It consists mostly of HTML, with a smattering of CSS to make things prettier. If you are on an ancient browser that can’t even handle CSS, the site should still be perfectly usable, and look pretty much the same.
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